Six-step procedure for rendering a weapon safe

Weapons safety is a priority at Team One Network.  We generally assume that people who attend our training have handled weapons before – but we are never too careful.

Even with an experienced group of shooters we still remind every one of our expectations to perform a six-step procedure for rendering a weapon safe.

Six-step procedure for rendering a weapon safe:

  • Point your firearm in a safe direction – one where an unintentional discharge will cause NO HUMAN INJURY and, at most, minor property damage (Yes, that’s the Laser Rule again).
  • Keep your finger off the trigger and outside the trigger guard at all times throughout the clearing/unloading process.
  • Place the SAFETY ON. (If Applicable)
  • Remove the magazine.
  • Cycle the action several times then lock the bolt or slide to the rear.
  • Visually and physically inspect the chamber to confirm the firearm is unloaded