VA Announces Team One Network is a Veteran Owned Small Business


It’s Official! The VA Announces Team One Network is a Veteran Owned Small Business

Team One Network is a Veteran Owned Small Business VOSB

FREDERICKSBURG — September 16, 2016 — Team One Network is among the most recent businesses to be added to an exclusive list of less than ten thousand small businesses certified as Veteran owned and operated.  According to a Small Businesses Association report released in 2010, there are nearly 28-million small businesses[1] in America and only a small handful of them have received the honor of being added to this exclusive list.

A Life of Service

Team One Network was founded by John T. Meyer Jr. in 2003. Mr. Meyer, formerly Vice President of Sales and Training at Heckler & Koch, knew the benefits of training programs and he formed Team One Network immediately upon his separation from H&K.  Meyer credits his experience in the United States Air Force and civilian service as a Department of Defense Police Lieutenant as the foundation of his success as a small business owner.  He says that his time spent serving the military prepared him for a life of service and reinforced the values needed to employ and lead hard working men and women.  Team One Network has continued to serve the men and women of the Armed Forces and Law Enforcement sense 2003.  Meyer and his team of  more than 50-adjunct instructors remain loyal to their veteran roots from the charities they support to the training they provide. The company has donated to many organizations such as  the Special Operations Warrior Foundation to support the families of fallen Special Operations Service Members. Team One Network has conducted an Annual Wounded Warrior Range Day in Pasadena, MD where wounded warriors spend a day on the firearms range in fellowship with other veterans.  The company continues to look for ways to remain connected with active duty service members and Law Enforcement personnel by training more that 1500 students each year.

A Team of Veterans

Team One Network is not your average nine-to-five job, says Meyer.  They employ a team of more than 50 adjunct instructors who live in more than eighteen states and serve all over the world.  Among his instructor cadre are 25 members with a combined service career of more than 200-years spanning 5-decades.

A Kinship Unlike Any Other

Meyer and other instructors from Team One Network agree that there is a bond between Military Service Members and Police Officers that they say is hard to define with words but ever present in their ranks. Regardless of the reason, Meyer agrees that the men and women of Team One Network are more like a family than a company and they are all incredibly proud of the service that both their military veterans and law enforcement veterans have provided to the United States of America in so many different ways.



[1] 27.9-Million Small Businesses in the US according to the SBA: