Range Master Certification Course in Palm Bay, FL

Range Master Certification Course in Palm Bay, FL

Team One Network Instructor, Bank Miller Conducted a 40-hour Range Master Certification Program in Palm Bay, FL from 24-28 October.  The course was hosted by Palm Bay Police Department.


Range Master Certification Course

The Range Master has overall charge of the range. This position
usually occupied by the most experienced Firearms Instructor. This
course will further develop the Firearms Instructors’ knowledge in
order to become a Range Master by expanding their skills in the safe
and efficient management of a firearms range and training program.

Training Outcomes:

  • Operate as the Range Master
  • Develop and manage a range
  • Identify and eliminate range safety issues
  • Manage range logistics and inventory
  • Evaluate and select ammunition
  • Select appropriate targets based on design and materials
  • Explain environmental issues of indoor and outdoor ranges
  • Respond to Medical Emergencies
  • Manage exposure to Range Hazards (Ears, Eyes, and Blood)
  • Develop realistic scenario based training
  • Use proper communication skills on the range
  • Use marking cartridges to enhance training
  • Conduct safe live-fire scenarios
  • Develop department policies
  • Discuss legal and liability update
  • Review and analyze critical incidents