Team One Network Trains Egyptian Police Special Forces

Team One Network Trains Egyptian Police Special Forces

From December 4th to December 14th, John Meyer, Neil Honkala and Paul Wassill trained more than 3-dozen Egyptian police instructors from the Tactical City for Training and Combat, Special Operations. In conjunction with our partners at Action Target, the three-person team conducted two back-to-back Simulation / Shoot House Instructor Courses.

Highly customized training solutions.

The highly customized training was specifically developed to allow for a specialized group of Egyptian Instructors to better utilize their incredible training facility. The training compound consists of state of the art Tactical City with three Action Target Shoot Houses; 1, 2, and 3-story buildings totaling 16,000 square feet of live fire area. The facility, which is located just outside of Cairo, is home to Central Security Forces that trains police and special operations groups throughout the country.

To get the most out of their training the facility also houses a 24,000 square foot simulation center complete with a Milo Range set-up.  The command center is the ideal place to conduct After Action Reviews and real time training.  There are more than 180 cameras that provide an invaluable resource for evaluating tactics, techniques, and procedures used during training and rehearsals.



Safety is always a top priority.

Student Instructors were trained in all safety aspects of Simulation training such as the triple check safety procedures to include the use of Simunitions and protective gear.  During the live fire training, specific shoot house safety rules were covered to include the training in low light and breaching techniques.

We expressed to all the students the importance of high quality, functional and comfortable body armor.  Proper fit is critical when conducting live fire exercises and real-world operations.  Team One Instructors wore personal body armor provided by Point Blank.  All Instructors carry Firearms Instructor First Aid Kits on their body armor provided by TSSI.  TSSI is an industry leader in providing medical supplies to the front-lines.  These kits contain the essentials to manage even the worst medical emergencies that can happen in a live-fire setting.  They include all the basic first aid essentials as well as a tourniquet and QuickClot gauze.  We also keep an M9 Bag as a range first aid kit positioned inside the training area.  This kit contains everything we could possibly need to manage a serious injury or even a mass casualty until EMS arrives.  Our primary medical instructor, Dr. Lorenzo Paladino relies on the M9 bag while working along side Iraqi Special Operations Forces in the fight against ISIS.



Train to Win!

It was an honor and pleasure to work with this group of dedicated professional Instructors.  Just like our instructors at Team One Network, the Egyptian Special Operations group of Instructors are dedicated to providing training for one overwhelming objective, Officer Survival. They Train to Win!

We were able to introduce the Instructors to many of our sponsor’s products:

  • Point Blank body armor
  • Pro-Ears hearing protections
  • Edge Tactical protective eye wear
  • Ammo-Safe chamber safety devices
  • Streamlight handheld flashlights
  • Vertx tactical clothing
  • SKB cases and TSSi medical kits.

What’s next?

Team One Network is working out the details for a return trip to train another highly customized instructor course, which will include elements of our Sniper Instructor, Executive Protection, and Tactical Team Operations courses.