Armorer Course Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Team One Network conducts Armorer Certification for Springfield Armory and Benelli Law Enforcement.  We typically conduct several armorer courses per month and run into the same questions quite often.  Although we’re more than happy to talk with you on the phone (540-699-8060) or by email (info(at) you’ll probably find the answer to your questions right here.

Q: Do I need to bring my own weapon or will one be provided for me?
A: Team One Network and Springfield/Benelli will provide weapons for the course.

Q: Does Team One Network provide tools for the course?
A: Yes, we supply all of the tools and equipment you’ll need to complete the course.

Q: Can I buy a tool kit from Team One Network?
A: No, not at this time.

Q: What discounts are available if I enroll in multiple courses?
A: Both Benelli and Springfield Armory courses are discounted when a participant enrolls for two or more consecutive courses at the same location.  For instance, if Team One Network is conducting; an XD/XDm Armorer course, a 1911 armorer course, and an M1A armorer course at the same location back-to-back participants can save as much as $190.00 by registering for all three.  Click here to see coupon codes.

Q: Are armorer courses restricted to Law Enforcement Personel Only?
A: Springfield Armory has authorized Team One Network to conduct certified armorer courses for their weapon systems, however we are only authorized to certify sworn law enforcement and/or military personnel.  Any civilians, firearms retailers, firearm distributors and/or gunsmiths attempting to attend any course must get pre-approval from Springfield Armory.

A: Benelli Courses are open to Law Enforcement, Military, Security, and civilian armorers.  Most courses are conducted at police departments or on federal installations.  Civilians should check with Team One Network and the host agency regarding credentialing and background checks prior to registering for the course.

Q: I noticed the website says the course is three days long – can I attend only one day?
A: Yes, you can attend as many or as few days as you would like.  Each day of armorer training is an individual certification.