Tactical Shotgun Instructor Course in West Palm Beach, FL

Tactical Shotgun Instructor Course in West Palm Beach, FL

A student fires a shotgun during Tactical Shotgun Instructor Training with Team One Network in West Palm Beach FLTeam One Network instructor,  Neil Honkala conducted a Tactical Shotgun Instructor Course in West Palm Beach, FL from 9-13 January.

The tactical shotgun instructor program consists of 5-days or 40-hours of instruction on all aspects of shotgun operation and instructional methodologies.   The shotgun is one of the most effective and versatile tools available to the police officer. This course will give police firearms instructors the teaching skills necessary to develop and run tactical shotgun programs that will maximize the use of this weapon. The course includes both classroom and live-fire range time.

Operator Level Training

In addition to covering standard operator level tasks such as safety issues, ammunition selection, carrying methods and tactical deployment.  The course covers the critical operator level task of how to transition to active countermeasures and subject arrest and control while armed with a shotgun.  During the course, participants will fire 200 Rounds 00 Buck, 200 Rounds Birdshot, 25 Rounds Slug, and 50 Rounds Pistol ammunition.

Instructor Level TrainingTeam One Network Conducts a Tactical Shotgun Instructor Course in West Palm Beach, FL

This course takes participants to the next level and enables them to instruct others on the safe and effective use of a wide array of shotguns.  Instructor responsibilities are covered in depth and participants leave the course prepared to integrate a shotgun training into their agency’s training program.   The standard tuition of $750.00 covers five days of training and provides the participants with a three-year instructor level certification.

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