Team One Medical Instructor Deployed to Iraq to Care for Iraqis Fighting ISIS

Team One Medical Instructor Deployed to Iraq to Care for Iraqis Fighting Isis

Recently, Team One Medical Instructor, Dr. Lorenzo Paladino deployed to Iraq to care for Iraqis who are fighting ISIS.  Dr. Paladino has been with us since 2011 and is our primary trainer and training developer for medical courses.  Doc, as he’s known by the rest of the Team One cadre deployed to Iraq to provide medical care and trauma support for Iraqi fighters who are defending the city of Mosul Iraq from ISIS.

During his time in theater he worked Iraqi Special Operations Forces (ISOF ) as they pushed forward in the city. He also worked with SWAT Officers from the Iraqi Federal Police (in the pictures they are the personnel in blue camouflage).  From what we understand, Doc was operating as the forward most medical doctor during his time there.  He was attached to Casualty Collection Point 1 (CCP 1) which moves forward with fighting forces as the front line advances.

We had a great conversation with Doc while he was with us during SHOT Show.  He told us what it was like being one of only a few Americans working with ISOF and the only doctor on the front lines with them.  He was impressed with the abilities of the Iraqi Special Operations Medics assigned to ISOF.  But, they need trauma surgeon support and so he’ll return again soon.

Equipment From Our Partners

Doc used a wide variety of equipment while saving lives on the front line.  But we’d like to mention that much of the equipment he used came from some of our long time friends and partners.

  • Streamlight: He used Streamlight’s Compact Sidewinder while on patrol and a Pro-Tac headlamp (as seen in the picture below) to perform advanced medical procedures – often under red-light conditions as they moved forward with units from one casualty collection point to the next.  Both of these lights came from TSSI’s M9 Bag.  On his pistol he had a TLR -2 and he kept his Garmin and lights charged with the Streamlight’s EPU 5200 USB charger, which took a lot of abuse, dirt, blood and impacts.
  • Edge Tactical: Doc used clear lenses while performing medical procedures.  These protect against the splashes of bodily fluids as well as provide the ballistic protection required at all times in a combat zone.  As you’ll see in the photos below he wore the shaded lenses when he was on patrol.
  • VERTX: As you’ll also see in the photos below, Doc put VERTX apparel to the test and they held up under intense conditions.
  • TSSI: In addition to the Streamlight headlamps from the M9 Bag, Doc also used the North American Rescue CAT, hemostats, trauma shears and bandages that come stocked in the M9 kit.



Ride to the sound of the guns…

Doc, is a warrior – he also happens to be a highly skilled Emergency Medicine Physician.  An old military saying is that warriors will ride toward the sound of the guns.  He’ll return to theater again in the near future.  He’s taking his skill set where it’s desperately needed only a few are willing to go. A farewell saying between warriors is,

“see you on the high ground.”

Training with Doc…

Dr. Paladino is a highly skilled and experienced Emergency Medicine Physician, medical professor, and paramedic instructor.  He teaches a Our Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TC3) course and offers a perspective that only a select few are capable of.  If you want to bring an intensive and applicable medical training to your organization contact us.