Event Management Training Ensures First Responders are Ready

Large and small, events occur on almost a daily basis and the planning for such needs to begin well in advance to ensure a safe environment for the attendees, community and public safety personnel.

Properly preparing for an event requires detailed planning.  There are a few things that need to be identified, reviewed and discussed well in advance of any major event.

  • Venue location. Each location has specific needs that must be addressed.
  • Type of event. Look at historical data on similar events.  Each type of event has different concerns for first responders.  A craft show will be quite different than a multi-day music festival.
  • Continuing with the craft show vs. concert analogy above each event will have different staffing concerns.

Include all stakeholders as early as possible.

Another important topic to discuss is identification of all stake holders and to appropriately include them in the planning process.  Ensuring a safe event is paramount.  Proper planning will ensure that everyone on the “same page” and has a shared vision of how to achieve the goal.