Simunition / RedMan Simulation Instructor Development Course in Jefferson, NJ

Team One Network Conducted a Simunition / RedMan Simulation Instructor Development Course in Jefferson, NJ from February 6-9, 2017 for the Jefferson Township Police Department.  Ray Merlin and Fred Yates trained officers from six agencies on methods of training their personnel in the use of defensive tactics and integrated use-of-force training programs utilizing Simunitions training munitions. Instructors covered incorporating the student instructors’ existing techniques and tactics into tactical communication, subject control, aerosol sprays, impact weapons, and lethal force, up to and including the use of Simunition training munitions simulations.

Team One Network Conducts Simunition / RedMan Simulation Instructor Development

The emphasis of this program is on the incorporation of firearms into defensive tactics training to overcome the tactical fixation that often accompanies duty performance that was trained in module format with no integration of the force decision-making.

This program covers the full range of instruction including lecture, demonstration, Scenario development, and reality-based simulation training, and testing procedures. Instructors leave with up-to-date safety procedures, awareness of cutting edge equipment available, and procedures on how to conduct safe and realistic training.


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