Team One Network Conducted an Excited Delirium and In-Custody Death Course in Spokane, WA

Between April 10 and April 11, 2017 Team One Network Instructor, Pete Ebel conducted an Excited Delirium and In-Custody Death Course in Spokane, WA for members of seven  agencies.  Pete’s from Palm Beach, FL and got to experience Spring in Spokane (check out the photo with the snow…)

This unique courses addresses several critical concerns of modern era police work.  Typically, Excited Delirium incidents begin with a naked man running down the street. This classic warning sign is a red flag for well trained graduates of this program.  Pete takes the participants through a series of guided discussions that help identify and address excited delirium before they become inc-custody death incidents.

Through a careful review of several case studies students will see exactly why subjects suffering from Excited Delirium are not only at a higher risk of sudden death but also an incredible hazard to responding officers and other first.

Law enforcement officers must learn to deal safely and effectively with people in a state of excited delirium. This course will give you the tools to save yourself, protect the suspect and save your department from the liability associated with an in-custody death.

Pete Ebel conducted a Excited Delirium and In-Custody Death Course in Spokane WA - Team One Network

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