Conversations with Coach – Episode 2

Coach Bob Lindsey - Team One Network Instructor - Conversations with CoachSometime early in 2017, I sent an email to all of the instructors from Team One Network asking for content ideas.  I wanted to get there perspectives on some of the topics that the Team One Blog should focus on.  Soon after sending the email I got a call from Coach.  “Coach” Bob Lindsey retired from a department in Louisiana in 1998, almost 20-years ago.  Longer ago than many members of the profession entered service.  Coach and I talked for nearly an hour that morning about just about everything; the Profession, training, families, and friends.  For those that know him, a conversation with coach is more of an experience than an event…

In this most recent conversation we pick up where we left off last time, with question, “How am I?”  From there wee have an unscripted, unedited, unfiltered conversation.  We talk about the importance of mind-set and rehearsals – not just on the way to a call… but also on the way home.  We talk about making connections with our families and fellow members of the profession.  Coach has such a positive way of looking at the world it’s hard to not be motivated when speaking with him…

[Photo Credit – Our friend, Brian Hill (Mental Ammo)]

In this conversation:

  • How am I?
  • Making the promise to the people we love, each and every day.
  • The 30-second drill…
  • Connecting with others.

If you have a question you’d like to ask Coach you can send it to info @, subject line: Question for Coach.