Rapid Response Workshop in Chattanooga, TN

The objectives of this program is to provide an update on Tactics and Technology that is available for Rapid Response to Critical Incidents.  This training can save lives of officers and citizens that are involved in these situations. A combination of classroom, isolation drills and practical exercises, this two-day workshop will introduce you to recent innovations from major manufacturers that will give you the advantage you need in rapid responses to critical incidents.

Topics covered:

  • Ruhl Tech Breaching Door and Equipment
  • Life fire practice with Trijicon on RMR and other optics
  • Medical Response to life threatening trauma
  • Streamlight Low Light Search Tactics Demo
  • Practical exercises



Training Schedule:

Day One

Ruhl Tech Breaching Door and Tools

  • Types of Entry
  • Methods of Breaching
  • Ramming Drills
  • Sledge, Hallagan Drills
  • Bolt Cutting Drills

Live-fire practice with Trijicon Optics

  • Familiarization with Trijicon RMR on pistols
  • Familiarization with various Trijicon Optics on rifles
  • Positional shooting drills; standing, kneeling, prone, supine, and moving
  • Reflexive fire drills
  • Shield drills using ballistic shields

Day Two

Tactical Medical Care and Medical Kits

  • Introduction to TEMS
  • Introduction to TEMS gear
  • Basic Medical Care in a Hostile Environment
  • Controlling Bleeding
  • Blunt and Penetrating Trauma
  • Burns

Streamlight Low Light Tactical Movement

  • Low Light Issues
  • Artificial Illumination
  • Use of Shadows
  • Approaches (buildings, cars and suspects)
  • Searches (open areas, buildings and persons)
  • Lighting Techniques
  • Team Movement

Practical Exercises

Active Shooter, Officer Down Rescue, IED Response Mass casualty, Domestic Response