Team One Network Armorer Instructors Certify to Teach CZ-USA Armorer Courses

Fredericksburg, VA – On August 7 and 8, 2017, Team One Network Armorer Instructors; Gary Monreal,  Dave Brancato, John Zamrok, and Paul Wassil were trained by CZ-USA Gunsmiths to teach several armorer courses.  Upon completion of the training the instructors were certified to instruct armorer courses on the following guns:

  • P-07 / P-09 Pistols
  • P-10 Pistol
  • CZ-75 Pistol
  • CZ Scorpion Carbine

Team One Network teaches CZ-USA Armorer Courses

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Team One Network will begin conducting CZ Armorer Courses as soon as October 2017.  Click here to view the current schedule of CZ Courses.  Or submit a hosting packet to host your own.