Law Enforcement Training from Team One Network – 4th Quarter

Dublin, CA – Shoot House Instructor

July 10 & 11 – Neil Honkala conducted a Shoot House Instructor Course in Dublin California for officers from 8 different agencies.  A special thank you to Sgt. Kevin Lewis from Alameda County Sheriff’s Office.  Our shoot house instructor course prepares participants to safely and effectively operate a shoot house for officers at all levels of proficiency from recruits to special operations.  This course is sponsored by #ActionTarget.

Nokesville, VA – Shoot House Instructor

July 18 & 19 –  John Meyer and Joe Willis conducted a Shoot House Instructor Course in Nokesville, VA for the Prince William County Criminal Justice Academy for officers from 5 different agencies.  Our shoot house instructor course prepares participants to safely and effectively operate a shoot house for officers at all levels of proficiency from recruits to special operations.  This course is sponsored by #ActionTarget.

Waukesha, WI – Springfield XD/XDm Armorer

July 18 – Gary Monreal was in his home state of Wisconsin for a Springfield XD/XDm Armorer Course where he trained officers from seven different agencies as armorers.  A special thank you to Deputy John Lappley and the Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department for their hospitality and being such a great host agency.    This course is sponsored by #SpringfieldArmory


Washington, DC – Ruger AR556 and Benelli M-Series Armorer

July 19 & 20 – Dave Brancato and Mike Champa conducted a 2-day armorer course for the United States Capitol Police.  Sgt. Mark Nebel was the point of contact for the training.  Day-1 consisted of an 8-hour Ruger AR556 Armorer Course and Day-2 was an 8-hour Benelli M-series Armorer course.  This course was sponsored by #Benelli and #Ruger


 Team One Network conducts Ruger and Benelli Armorer Training for the US Capital Police

Wauwatosa, WI – Benelli M-Series Armorer

July 27 – Gary Monreal Conducted a Benelli M-Series Armorer Course for the Wauwatosa Police Department in Wauwatosa, WI where he certified officers from seven agencies on the Benelli M-Series Shotgun. This course was sponsored by #Benelli.


Obetz, OH – Low Light / Laser Instructor

Aug 1-3 – John Meyer conducted a Low Light / Laser Instructor Course for law enforcement trainers at Vance Outdoors in Obetz, OH from August 1st to August 3rd, 2017.  Ray Joseph was the host and we trained officers from seven different agencies.  The course is sponsored by #StreamlightInc.

Fairfax, VA – Springfield XD/XDm and Benelli M-Series Armorer

August 7-8 – Fred Yates was in Fairfax with the National Rifle Association #NRA where he trained 20 people as armorers on both the Springfield XD/XDm and the Benelli M-Series.  The he was back out there again the following week on August 14th for the Ruger AR556.  A special Thanks to Tim Cole from the NRA for his hospitality.   These courses were sponsored by  #Benelli  #Ruger  #SpringfieldArmory

Fredericksburg, VA – Team One Network Instructor Conference

August 9-12 – The Team One Network Instructor Conference is an anticipated event each year for nearly 20 instructors.  This year marked the 25th Anniversary of the event that was formerly known as, the TAC Team Party.  This years conference was similar to that of years past and included three days of training and information sharing by some of the law enforcement industry’s most recognizable names.  Our sponsors that joined us at this years conference included #ActionTarget #TSSI #CZ-USA #VERTX #FirstTactical #StreamlightInc #Trijicon #SKB  #DickKramer #RuhlTech  #SpringfieldArmory


Red Wing, MN – Springfield XD/XD and 1911 Armorer

August 23 and 24 – Scott Kochendorfer from Red Wing PD in Red Wing, MN hosted Gary Monreal for two days of Springfield Armorer Training.  Gary certified officers from five agencies on XD/XDm an 1911.  #SpringfieldArmory

Columbia, SC – Benelli M-Series Armorer

August 29 – Dave Brancato conducted an exclusive Benelli M-Series Armorer Course for the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. Thank you First Sergeant Simpson for being a great host. Learn more about Benelli Armorer Courses: #Benelli

Arlington, VA – TACOPS East

September 6 & 7 – John Meyer and Jason Meyer attended the conference EXPO.

Provo, UT – Action Target LETC

September 11-14 – Niel Honkala conducted a Dynamic Use of Targets at the Action Target Law Enforcement Training Camp.  #ActionTarget.

Fairlawn, OH – Benelli M-Series Armorer Courses

September 11-14 – John Zamrok conducted a Benelli M-Series Armorer Course for Fairlawn Police Department in Fairlawn, OH. 8 agencies trained.   #Benelli

Glen Dale, MD – Benelli Invitational Shoot

September 15 – Jason Meyer and Crew spent the day at the Invitational.

Fort Leonard Wood, MO – MPRA Expo

September 20 & 21 – Joe Willis traveled to the Home of the United States Army Military Police Regiment for the annual Military Police Regimental Expo.  Joe linked up with Andy Ruhland from #RuhlTech  and fellow Team One Instructor, Gabe Castillo.

Phoenix, AZ – NTOA Expo

September 24-25 – John Meyer was in Phoenix for the annual National Tactical Officer Association Conference.

Forsyth, GA – Concealed Carry Instructor Workshop

September 27&27 – Don Smith conducted a Concealed Carry Workshop for firearms instructors to improve their skills with regard to training officers to carry concealed, both on and off duty.