15 Use of Force Cases Everyone Should Know About

Recently someone published this list on the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA) Facebook Page and we wanted to share it with our network.

1. Graham v. Connor –This is the essential use of force rubric in the country.
2. Tennessee v. Garner – Addresses deadly force to prevent escape.
3. Terry v. Ohio – Established the legality of the so called “Stop and Frisk” searches
4. Plakus v. Drinski – No constitutional duty to use lesser force when deadly force is authorized.
5. Pena v. Leombruni – Addresses suspect’s known mental state regarding force.
6. Thompson v. Hubbard – Case when suspect appeared to be drawing a gun and no gun found.
7. Smith v. Freland –Examined policy violation but no violation of Constitutional law.
8. Bush v. City of Tallahassee — Addresses excessive force applied through Graham.
9. Green v. N.J. State Police – Addresses excessive force applied through Graham.
10. Forrest v. Richardson – Unarmed fleeing felon applied through Tennessee v Garner.
11. Elliot v. Leavitt – Addresses 20/20 hindsight on officer shooting.
12. Brown v. United States – The original (192) Graham v. Conner style decision.
13. Wardlaw v. Pickett – Punching an approaching verbally argumentative person.
14. City of Canton v. Harris – Addresses liability and “failure to train”.
15. Powpow v. Margate – Addresses shooting an innocent person (training).