SWAT Operator Course – Palm Bay, FL

Palm Bay, FL – Team One Network Instructors Jamie Pavlischak and William Luther conducted a SWAT Operator Course in Palm Bay, FL from 4-8 December, 2017.

SWAT Operator

This course focuses on honing tactical team member operational skills, working within the team environment, and creating situational awareness and survival skills in high-risk situations. While it is not mandatory to attend as part of a team, it is strongly recommended. Exercises will include RedMan and Simunition® for effective training of use of force and active countermeasures.  This is an intensive, rigorous and challenging entry-level course.


Tactical planning and concepts for tactical teams

Participants are introduced to SWAT and Tactical Team Operational Concepts such as team composition and duties and responsibilities of team members.  Even though this is a basic course, participants are introduced to basic planning and team leadership concepts.  These are discussed on more detail in our advanced tactical leadership classes.

Weapons techniques for pistol, submachine gun, rifle and shotgun

SWAT Team Members are expected to be experts with their weapon systems.  Weapons handling and precision is constantly reinforced during this course.  We emphasize the value of reliable optics and accessories such as the Trijicon RMR and weapon mounted lights but above all else, our instructors stress the overall importance of basic marksmanship skills and safe weapons handling.

Reconnaissance and Site approach

SWAT Officers must be able to conduct full spectrum reconnaissance and tactical approach entry points.  This course prepares participants with essential skills that can immediately contribute to their team’s success.   While a lot of scouting and real-time reconnaissance is the duty of the Sniper and Marksman teams, each member must be prepared to conduct this task.


One of the most critical tasks of a SWAT Team is breaching.  SWAT Team Members must be familiar with a wide variety of breaching techniques.  Although we offer a 3-day course for Breaching Instructors, this course provides an introduction to all of the basic mechanical breaching skills needed for most SWAT operations.   Thanks to our friends at RuhlTech, each participant gains hands on, practical experience witha wide variety breaching scenarios.

Slow & deliberate, and Dynamic room clearing

SWAT clearing techniques are among the most difficult and high risk types of law enforcement tactics.   The principles and fundamentals of movement, entry, and clearing must be closely observed.  Knowing, rehearsing, and practicing the principles and fundamentals of clearing will prepare officers to accomplish the mission under the stressors of real-world tactical operations.  During this course our instructors ensure that each participant learns the most critical tactical movement techniques and that they critical of their own performance each and every time.  Training under low-light conditions is essential to prepare SWAT officers for real-world operations.  Our partners at Streamlight, Inc. provide flashlights for officers to use the latest lighting technology for realistic training (for more advanced training – we offer a 3-day Low Light/Laser Instructor Course).  We use Point Blank Shields (Such as the Phallanx IIIA+) to ensure that each officer is familiar with basic shield operations (we also offer a Tactical Ballistic Shield Instructor Course).  CTS Flashbangs and Less Lethal munitions provide participants with force options that allow for realistic decision making training during practical exercises.

Active Countermeasures and Weapon retention

We use marking cartridges and RedMan training gear to ensure that each participant is immersed into the most demanding and realistic scenarios possible and that they are given the opportunity to use the appropriate force options for the given situation.  Tactical and ethical decision making must be practiced under realistic and stressful conditions and with the help of our partners we ensure that each participant is put to the test.

Tactical Casualty Care

Each member of the team must be prepared to serve as the “Team Medic” until more qualified medical personnel arrive.  Although we have courses specifically designed to give the medical advantage to first responders, the Basic SWAT Course prepares officers to conduct Tactical Casualty Care to stop bleeding, move casualties, an maintain airways until relieved by medical professionals.  Thanks to our friends at Combat Medical, each officer is given the opportunity to train with the latest technology.

Practical Exercises

Drug Raids, High Risk Warrants and Officer Down are a few of the scenario types that each officer experiences during this course.  Our instructors draw on decades of SWAT experience to recreate realistic and demanding practical exercises that will prepare the officers to return to their agencies and immediately contribute as members of the team.