Team One Network’s Tile on the C.O.P.S.’ Road to Hope

Team One Network is helping build the, “Road to Hope”

Opening the door into the C.O.P.S. National Office, visitors will step out on the “Road to Hope.” It will be built with 8 x 8 inch engraved tiles purchased by those who want to support the Capital Campaign.  A personal message of 20 characters on a maximum of six lines engraved on tiles will fill the main hallway that will lead to the courtyard within the building.

Due to the continued requests, and the delay of start to construction, C.O.P.S. has extended the deadline for personalized tiles and pavers that help support the C.O.P.S. Capital Campaign. The deadline date has yet to be determined.

To learn more about COPS and this endeavor please visit their website.