Team One Instructors are wearing LOWA Footwear.

Team One Instructors are wearing LOWA Footwear…


During EnforceTAC 2018 John Meyer, Gary Monreal, and Steve Johnson tried out LOWA Footwear.  They loved them!  If you know John Meyer you already know that it’s really difficult to get him to leave the flip-flops behind.  We’re looking into a long-standing relationship with our newfound footwear friends and hope that  someday soon all of our instructors will be wearing their products.


Drone U Interview

Team One Network conducted an interview with Terra Vigilis / @thedroneu regarding the importance of integrating the use of drones into law enforcement for search and rescue operations….

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#TeamOne2018 – Team One Network Instructor Conference

LOWA Provided boots to several instructors during #TeamOne208.