Doc Paladino pushes officers during realistic Tactical Casualty Care workshop

Wayne, NJ –  On 12 June 2018, Doc Paladino conducted an intensive 8-hour casualty care course in Wayne, NJ for members of five different agencies.  The course uses a “Crawl, Walk, Run” approach by having the officers practice basic skills on themselves and each other in a slow methodical way first thing in the morning and by the afternoon they are running fast-paced multi-officer simulations.  Dr. Lorenzo Paladino is an emergency room physician with recent combat experience in Mosul, Iraq.  In this workshop, he puts his realistic first-hand experience to the test as he creates demanding, realistic training for anyone who attends.

This course is made possible by our friends at Combat Medical who provide MARCH kits, TSSI who provide a wide array of medical kits, Streamlight Inc. who provide various tactical lights for low light simulations, and First Tactical and VERTX for making sure our instructors look great in clothing that works as hard as they do.