Instructor Highlight – John H. Zamrok

John H. Zamrok is a decorated Marine Corps Vietnam veteran. He retired from NJ Municipal and State law enforcement after 24-years including service as a SWAT team leader. His 40+ years as a law enforcement firearms instructor includes five years as a full-time regional instructor for H&K’s International Training Division and 10-years as the NJ State Range Master. He coordinated recruit and in-service firearms training and trained a new generation of trainers as, Assault Rifle and Subgun Instructors. John is now a consultant and provides training for Team One Network, Awareness Protective Consultants and supports IALEFI training as a Life Member. John is a Golden Eagle Life member of the NRA, a NRA certified instructor for handgun and shotgun and a NRA Chief Range Safety Officer. He also trained members the national Army of Benin, Africa as a State Department contractor to prepare them for UN Peace Keeping operations in the Ivory Coast and the Congo.