Springfield Armory 1911 and XD/XDm Armorer – Lexington, MD

Lexington, MD – Team One Network conducted a Springfield Armory 1911 and XD/XDm Armorer Course on 6 and 7 August for St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office.  Officers from four departments trained together to become manufacturer certified armorers.  Upon completion of this training, participants are able to provide complete and detailed answers to specific questions concerning the weapons mechanical functioning, operational procedure, field stripping and armorer detailed stripping, inspection(s), troubleshooting, and corrective actions/maintenance.  They can disassemble and reassemble the firearms and their sub-assemblies, conduct preventative maintenance and inspection procedures applicable to each firearm type, diagnose reported field problems relating to each firearm type, and service and repair each firearm type to include the installation of new components.