[Video] Steve Johnson | BLACKHAWK! TecGrip Holsters | Team One Network

Fredericksburg, VA – Steve Johnson demonstrates the BLACKHAWK! TecGrip Holster during #TeamOne2018 No clip is needed with the new TecGrip® Inside the Waistband (IWB) Holster from BLACKHAWK!™ Designed for both civilian and law enforcement concealed carry, the TecGrip® outer shell will hold fast to most any material, eliminating the need for a clip. Plus, a higher density, closed-cell foam design offers a comfortable wear and a snug fit. They are completely ambidextrous and offered in multiple sizes to fit a wide array of firearms. The TecGrip® IWB Holster offers premium concealment at an affordable price. Steve is wearing a VERTX button down to demonstrate the draw.  Steve talks about draw techniques with various shirts in another video.