Active Shooter Instructor – Wiesbaden, Germany

Wiesbaden, Germany – Tim O’Neil, John Meyer, Ecko Neibergall, and Gary Monreal conducted two Active Shooter Instructor Courses at the Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) site at the Wackernheim Range Complex.  The Military Police from United States Army Garrison – Wiesbaden and the Polizei Trainers in Deutschland (PiD) hosted the training.  

The course certified 46 Instructors from 5 countries:

  • 17 US Army Military Police
  • 11 German Polizei
  • 11 Dutch Politie
  • 5 Swiss Police
  • 2 Luxembourg Police

Our Active Shooter Instructor Program is a 24-hour course that gives the instructor the knowledge and skill to train first responding officers to resolve an Active Shooter incident.  Instructor development focuses on “hands-on” teaching practical skills.  Practical skills are taught with its focus on tactics. Firearms drills will be taught using Force-on-Force Munitions, however, these same drills can later be applied to “live-fire” range drills or high-level scenario-based training.

This course covers:

  • Lessons learned from previous Active Shooter incidents
  • Determining the threat
  • Use of Site surveys to aid pre-planned responses
  • First responder tactics
  • Development of Patrol Response Team(s)
  • Breaching tactics and capabilities
  • Use of mobile Tactical Operations Center (TOC)
  • Tactical room entry and clearing
  • Use of shields and other ballistic protection
  • Low light issues
  • Outdoor rapid response rescue
  • Practical drills


Ecko Makes It Happen!

While he was in Germany, John Meyer made a point of personally presenting Ecko Neibergal with his Make it Happen (MIH) Award.