[Video] Fast Takedown

Simulation Developers and DT Trainers, here’s a thought for an isolation drill using RedMan Training Gear. In the first 4-seconds of the video, the subject rapidly approaches the officers.¬† Using this as the starting point for the isolation drill and with participants¬†wearing RedMan Training Gear allow the scenario to play out until the subject is effectively under control.¬† We teach methods of using Isolation Drills in most of our instructor courses – especially RedMan/Force on Force courses.


  • Will your officers move laterally to create distance first?
  • Will your officers move directly to resolve the threat?
  • Will your officers retrograde and deploy intermediate weapons?
  • What other response options do you anticipate?

Consider using the video for a facilitated discussion after all of your students have experienced the drill.

Use the CLEAR method for an effective After Action Review