Mechanical Breaching Instructor – Wayne, NJ

Wayne, NJ – Russ Huth, Eric Benson, and Joe Tuzzolino conducted a Mechanical Breaching Instructor Course from 11-13 Sep 2018 for the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office.  Kyra Deegan and Lt. Doug Herman were gracious hosts.  The breacher needs special training to ensure they are proficient and successful during actual operations. The primary objective of this program is to provide agency-level instructors students with the ability to train others on manual breaching tools and techniques. This course addresses manual breaching, power assisted and vehicle assisted tools as well as shotgun breaching rounds.  During the course, we train instructors on techniques using RuhlTech and BLACKHAWK! Breaching Gear.  To make the training more effective we use the RuhlTech Training Door.  Instructors were also trained on Shotgun Breaching using Benelli Shotguns.  Our friends at TSSI sent equipment so that we could train cutting with a Quickie Saw and Power Assisted Breaching with tools from Genesis Breaching Solutions.  Special thanks to Edge Tactical Eyewear for providing eye protection for our instructors.