Shoot House Instructor – West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach – From 17-18 September 2018, John Meyer and John Riddle conducted a Shoot House Instructor Course at the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office range.  Sgt. Bill Evans hosted the courses.  Police officers need to hone their shooting skills under realistic, high-stress conditions. This course offers instructors all the tools necessary to build a shoot house training program.  The new instructors are taught to identify, mitigate, and train others on safety issues in the shoot house.  The course also provides methods to integrate the range and the shoot house into cohesive training.  Ultimately, the training prepares the instructor to facilitate training for all levels of proficiency in the shoot house from recruits to tactical teams.   The course is sponsored by Action Target.  We also use props from Crown Gym Mats.

Props from Crown Gym Mats adds increased realism to each scenario.

John Meyer explaining bullet traps to student instructors. Bullet traps provide the ability to move targets and save the shoot house walls from continuous bullet strikes. But they pose concerns that must be addressed by the cadre. John is wearing a VERTX polo, First Tactical pants, and LOWA boots. Hearing protection is provided by Pro Ears and eye protection from Edge Tactical. The ballistic vest is from Point Blank.

At least once per course, we run students through a medical emergency.  Typically we have the student instructors react to a simulated gunshot wound.  This requires them to activate their emergency action plan and deliver first aid.  Combat Medical provides training materials for realistic training.

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