Low Light / Laser Instructor – West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach, FLJohn Meyer, William Luther, and  Mark Suchy trained officers from 6 departments as Low Light / Laser Instructors.  The course is sponsored by Streamlight Inc.. This course is designed for military and law enforcement firearms instructors to instruct their officers to gain skills and develop an ability to win a confrontation during low light situations. This course will explore the advantages of multiple lighting systems and techniques. Instructors will explore techniques and drills to train department personnel with hand-held and weapon mounted lights and optics and laser sights. Students must pass a written test, live fire standards drills and instructor evaluations to successfully complete the course.  This is an instructor development course.  Throughout the course, we use Action Target Steel for realistic range training.  BLACKHAWK! provides Omnivore Holsters to accommodate a wide variety of pistols with a pistol mounted Streamlight Flashlight.

Instructors wear First Tactical, VERTX, and LOWA Boots.