Trainer Fuel – 24 Dec 18

Here are a few articles and blog posts to add to your weekly reading time.  These are quick reads that bring together a variety of training concepts into a single list.

1. There are better ways to ask questions, says a new study.

Ideally, trainers should wait three to five seconds for training participants to process a question, think, and formulate a response.


2. Gen Z: How they Learn.

An entire generation of digital natives who prefer self-directed learning is about to enter the workforce.  Is there room in law enforcement training for self-directed learning?


3. Expert Predictions of the Top Police Issues in 2019. experts provide insight into what we might see as emerging issues in the coming year.


4. Protect yourself from doxxing.

Doxxing is the practice of finding private information and making it publically available – such as officers’ home addresses.  Although this is written for COs it spans the full range of LE.  Is your agency training its own to protect themselves?


5.  TED’s Secret to Great Public Speaking.  

Chris Anderson provides the single reason why TED Speakers succeed and then gives a simple 4 step approach to getting it right.