Trainer Fuel – 31 Dec 18

Here are a few articles and blog posts to add to your weekly reading time.  These are quick reads that bring together a variety of training concepts into a single list.

1. Is PowerPoint a Crutch?

Here’s a tip on conducting meetings that may have some use for trainers too.  Instead of using bulleted slides try tone-setting memos instead.  Many of us use read-ahead material or advance sheets already.  This simple tip could completely change the value your training adds to your agency.


2. 9 Toxic Bosses

Toxic and counterproductive leadership became common workplace terms over the last decade.  Here are a few specific examples.  Nearly anyone who reads this list and immediately identify many of the behaviors as some they’ve seen.   Proactive and effective trainers will immediately begin to identify how they can help their agency overcome these leader-types.


3. Gamification for Instructor Led Training

MIL/LE Trainers have used competition and “games” for as long as we’ve had MIL/LE Trainers.  From marksmanship badges to fitness leaderboards this is not a new concept in our industry.  But what’s next?  GAMIFICATION for online training now includes levels, badges, and point-based reward systems.  How can progressive MI/LE Trainers integrate these same techniques into live and tactical training?

4. Professional Development as a Benefit

According to Gallup only 4 in 10 employees say they have had an opportunity to  learn and grow at work in the last 12-months.  Growth and development take several forms and each of them can motivate officers – personally or professionally.   How can agencies leverage training and professional development as a benefit – like insurance, pay, vacation, tuition reimbursement, etc?

5. Officer Wellness Training

More officers die by suicide each year than any cause of line of duty death.  If an agency wants to truly address officer safety they’ll need to train for officer wellness with the same intensity they give to other risks.

6. Expert Predictions of the Top Police Issues in 2019.

We left this one on from last week.  We had a pretty high click through on this link and it’s probably becasue trainers are trying to lean forward experts provide insight into what we might see as emerging issues in the coming year.