Instructor Highlight – William Luther

We want to highlight William Luther, a 14 year veteran of law enforcement, William currently serves as the Sergeant of the training unit for the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office, Vero Beach. William has worked road patrol, Field Training, SWAT and in the training unit. William has been involved in training since 2002 and has continued to advance his education in the area of law enforcement instruction by gaining instructor certifications in the following disciplines: Firearms, Shoot house, vehicle operations, defensive tactics, SPEAR instructor, Redman and less lethal. William is a graduate of the Hathcock sniper school. William also serves as the agencies armorer in the platforms currently employed by his agency: Kimber, Remington, AR-15 and Glock.

William is one of the primary instructors for our Tactical Ballistic Shield Instructor Course sponsored by Point Blank.