Chief Mike Williams Makes It Happen – MIH

Chief Mike Williams with his MIH Award joined by his department’s SWAT Team and his wife, and fellow Team One Instructor, Heather Williams.

Chattanooga, TN – John Meyer flew down to visit Mike and Heather Williams to personally present the last remaining Make it Happen Award of 2018.  2018 was Team One Network’s fifteenth anniversary year and most small businesses fail within the first 3 years. Team One Network is successful because of our instructors – but some have done more than others. We have more than 60 Instructor/advisors that all do a great job.  Last year, John Meyer created an award to recognize instructors who have gone the extra mile and have shown their dedication by exemplifying the phrase,  “Make it Happen.”

It is incredibly important to John that he personally presents each award.  He personally delivered Ecko Neibergall’s to Germany in August.