Trainer Fuel – Risk management

Risk Management

In this Trainer Fuel we’re going to focus on assessing and managing risk.  As trainers, facilitators, and instructors we are constantly exposed to a wide variety of risks.  Learning to manage risk is not only a way to increase safety and reduce liability it also leads to higher quality and more realistic training.  Effective Risk Management isn’t about taking the fun out of training instead it allows trainers to implement controls that reduce residual risk.  As control measures are put in place new elements of training can be added to increase realism and intensity.  Ultimately making training more rewarding for the participants.

For Example… The use of RedMan gear is a risk mitigation factor.  It reduces both the probability and potential criticality of a variety of hazards.  When Instructors wear instructor suits and students wear student suits training intensity can increased.

Here are a few articles and blog posts to add to your weekly reading time.  These are quick reads that bring together a variety of sources of information related to the Dark Web.

1. [VIDEO] Refresh Your Risk Thermostat

Dave Smith reminds us that officers tend to be involved in safety related incidents around their 11th year on the job and offers some thoughts on how to refresh officers on the realities of risks.  Consider combining his advice with your Below 100 Initiatives.

2. [VIDEO] W.I.N. What’s Important Now

Gordon Graham explores Below 100‘s principle of W.I.N.  This applies to risk management in many ways.  As he says in the video W.I.N. is about mastering being present in the moment.  As trainers wee must be constantly evaluating and reevaluating hazards in the training environment.  We can’t allow ourselves to become distracted or bypass a safety check in order to get training finished on time.

3. Composite Risk Management Process

This product will help trainers and leaders quickly and effectively complete a risk assessment.   A thorough risk assessment should be done for every training event and real-world operation.