Shoot House Safety Rules

  1. Authorized firearms Instructors must be present during use.
  2. BODY ARMOR, along with eye and ear protection must be worn. A hat, gas mask, or face shield must be worn by everyone during the training exercise.
  3. Prior to live fire exercises, rooms must be checked to insure that no personnel are present.
  4. Targets are placed so that all rounds will hit the impact area.
  5. Only use authorized targets.
  6. Authorized ammunition will only be used (check the approved list).
  7. Instructors will review all targets and angles of deflection before beginning live fire.
  8. All damage will be reported without retribution.
  9. Shoot house will be cleaned before the end of the training Exercises.
  10. Cover any additional host agency safety rules.
  11. First Aid Kit and Fire Extinguishers will be available.