Tactical Shotgun Instructor – San Mateo, CA

San Mateo, CA – from June 24-28 Russ Huth conducted a Tactical Shotgun Instructor Course hosted by Robert Pronske of the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office at their incredible Action Target Indoor Range Facility.  This course is sponsored in part by Benelli.

The shotgun is one of the most effective and versatile tools available to the police officer. This course will give police firearms instructors the teaching skills necessary to develop and run tactical shotgun programs that will maximize the use of this weapon. The course includes both classroom and live-fire range time.


  • Review responsibilities of firearms instructors
  • Review course and target design and selection
  • Develop an agency shotgun program
  • Develop a realistic shotgun training program
  • Train others on safety rules and equipment
  • Train others on low light/laser techniques
  • Train others to integrate optics
  • Train others to shoot under various conditions
  • Train others to fire on the move at moving targets
  • Train others using Relative Position Drills
  • Train others to select appropriate ammunition for tactical operations
  • Train others on patterning
  • Train others on Shotgun handling during subject control