2019 Team One Network Instructor Conference #TeamOne2019

Fredericksburg, VA – From 6-8 August 2019 Team One Network Instructors converged from all over the country to meet in Fredericksburg, VA for the annual instructor conference.  The conference took place over three days when instructors met to discuss the events from the previous year, training trends, and plan for the upcoming year.

Day 1: Workshop Day

The agenda for the day will cover the following topics.

  • Update on registrations procedures and course reports
  • Introduction and review of past year
  • Instructor Liability Insurance
  • Marketing Update – Social Media and Website Resources
  • Update on the OC Spray Course
  • Discuss the opportunity to host a Reality Based Instructor Conference
  • Review of Blauer High Gear
  • Discuss Online courses and Online recertifications
  • Blue Help and C.O.P.S. Raffle
  • New Video and Pictures
  • Jesse Hempen – Ashley’s final call
  • Counter Ambush course discussion


Day 2: Course Updates and Range

The agenda for the day will cover the following topics.

  • Reality Based Training Instructor (Practical drills)
  • Force on Force Isolation drills and Scenario development
  • Response to Medical Emergency Drill
  • Mechanical Breaching update
  • Course updates
    • Low Light Laser Instructor (TRL-7 switch)
    • Mechanical Breaching Instructor
    • Force on Force/RedMan Instructor
    • Shoot House Instructor update
  • Manuals, Course Descriptions, Course Outlines, Power Points and Kits

Range/Practical Exercises

  • Practical exercises with Action Target targets
  • CZ Scorpion Instructor Course
  • Demo of Scottlock
  • Counter- Ambush Drills
  • Blue PRINT Tactical Lighting Control System and Streamlight Products to update the Low Light Instructor


Day 3: Sponsor Day

The agenda for the day will cover the following topics.

Sponsor Day update

  • Streamlight
  • Vertx
  • Force on Force/ Blackhawk
  • TSSi/Lowa
  • SKB
  • First Tactical


Day 4: Law Enforcement Museum

Law Enforcement Museum Tour Washington, DC