March 27, 2023 Law Enforcement Sniper Program

During the week of March 27, 2023, Team One Network and Durham Technical Community College (NC) sponsored a closed Law Enforcement Sniper program at the North Carolina National Guard’s Camp Butner Training Center in Stem, NC. The course was taught by Team One Network Instructor, Steve Johnson and William (Bill) Bond, a retired Captain and Sniper Team Commander from Durham, NC PD. Students received a combination of classroom and range exercises throughout the five-day program. Students were required to shoot from a lot of non-traditional positions such as standing, kneeling, and sitting tripod, utilizing “shooting sticks”, monopods, utilizing chairs for stability, and other unique shooting exercises. Shooting exercises included zero drills at 100 and 200 yards, scope tracking exercises, grouping drills, and shooting at distances that the law enforcement sniper rarely gets to shoot. Students were given the opportunity to shoot on a pop-up target range with distances from 50 to 300 meters, as well as an additional pop-up range with targets out to 800 meters, and “running man” targets from distances of 175 – 550 meters. The course concluded with a single cold bore qualification shot on the last day of the program.