May 17-29, 2023 Pistol Mounted Optics Instructor Course

May 17-19, Instructor Robert Cole conducted a Pistol-Mounted Optics Instructor course in Kearneysville, WV, hosted by Vincent Tiong and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.
This course is designed for agencies and departments who are making the transition to pistol-mounted optics. We bring to every course a variety of pistols upfitted with multiple configurations of optics.
Students had the opportunity to demo Blackhawk T-series and Omnivore holsters with Springfield Armory XDm Elites, Smith & Wesson M7P 2.0s, and CZ P10s upfitted with Bushnell RXS-250s, Trijicon RMRs, and Streamlight TLR1s, TLR2s, TLR7As, and TLR8As.