Dynamic Use of Target Systems

This course will provide a series of dynamic training exercises that will help you improve your live fire-training program. We will be incorporating a variety of target options that provide a pathway to improve the skills of your students. In law enforcement communities around the world, we know that realistic training is the key to giving students the experience necessary to prevail in stressful situations. The course will offer some of our ideas on the use of a variety of targets in creating a building block approach to realistic training during live fire exercises.

We will provide and use a wide range of targets to include:

  • Paper targets
  • Three dimensional targets
  • Range props
  • Steel targets
  • Reactive targets
  • Turning and swinging targets
  • Moving targets

Duration: 2 Days

Tuition: $495.00

Ammunition: 600 Rounds Pistol

Equipment Required: Wraparound eye protection, ear protection, brimmed hat, pistol with three magazines, Duty Belt with Holster and Magazine pouches

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