Action Target found its beginnings as a company in 1986 by creating an innovative pneumatic turning target system for our Local Police Department. Today we offer a full line of shoot houses, turning and reactive targets, running man targets, range controls, bullet traps, portable steel, paper targets and a full line of range services for maintenance.  Our team understands the complex and critical challengers our law enforcement and military face today and offer them the equipment they need to be better equipped and better prepared.

Team One utilizes many different Action Target products including, Portable Steel Targets, Dueling Trees, Plate Racks, Portable Running targets, 3D Tactical Target, Programable Auto Targets, E-type Auto Targets that work with marking cartridges and E-type plastic silhouettes and Team One Low Light Paper target. Courses that we use action target products in all Firearms courses, Tactical courses, Shoot House Instructor, Low Light Instructor, Active Shooter Instructor and Reality Based Scenario Instructor.



AUGUST 21 – 25, 2023

For over three decades, Action Target has combined world-class instructors and a comprehensive training curriculum into a single unforgettable event—the Law Enforcement Training Camp (LETC).  LETC is a fast-paced shooting school that equips you with the tools needed to give your department or agency the next level in training. 

Join Law Enforcement Officers from around the country at this year’s Law Enforcement Training Camp, run by @Action Target. This four-day camp features world-class training, incredible instructors, and the chance to network with other officers and industry leaders. You won’t want to miss it! Click HERE for more information.