Action Target found its beginnings as a company in 1986 by creating an innovative pneumatic turning target system for our Local Police Department. Today we offer a full line of shoot houses, turning and reactive targets, running man targets, range controls, bullet traps, portable steel, paper targets and a full line of range services for maintenance.  Our team understands the complex and critical challengers our law enforcement and military face today and offer them the equipment they need to be better equipped and better prepared.

Team One utilizes many different Action Target products including, Portable Steel Targets, Dueling Trees, Plate Racks, Portable Running targets, 3D Tactical Target, Programable Auto Targets, E-type Auto Targets that work with marking cartridges and E-type plastic silhouettes and Team One Low Light Paper target. Courses that we use action target products in all Firearms courses, Tactical courses, Shoot House Instructor, Low Light Instructor, Active Shooter Instructor and Reality Based Scenario Instructor.




Introducing the Team One Network Red Dot Paper Target, now available for purchase on the Action Target online store!

This specialized target is designed specifically for red dot training, featuring 1-inch dots that enable precise zeroing and bullseye-style shooting. Additionally, it offers A-zone and diminished A-zones (5×8) to assess combat-effective accuracy. With its assorted colored cards (3×5), shooters can evaluate how their optic performs against various backdrop colors. The multiple aiming points make it ideal for multiple shooters to run numerous drills on a single target without the need for pasting or target changes.

Get your Team One Network red dot paper target from the Action Target online store today!

Action Target Online Store


Patrol Rifle Instructor – Bristol, VA

Southwest Virginia Justice Training Academy 330 Bonham Rd., Bristol, VA, United States

Download Flyer Patrol Rifle Instructor This course is intended for senior personnel who train officers in the use of rifles and carbines. Students will be able to develop critical skills needed in both fundamental and advanced teaching techniques. Instruction will include both classroom and range time. Outcomes: Review responsibilities of firearms instructors Review course and target…

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Range Master – Helena, MT

Helena Police Department Range 3680 Airport Rd, Helena, MT, United States

Download Flyer Range Master The Range Master has overall charge of the range. This position usually occupied by the most experienced Firearms Instructor. This course will further develop the Firearms Instructors' knowledge in order to become a Range Master by expanding their skills in the safe and efficient management of a firearms range and training…

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