ChamberSnake is the ORIGINAL Chamber Safe Indicator (CSI). This durable, patented, nylon chamber blocker features a bright “Electricity Yellow” strip that extends out of a hand-gun or long gun muzzle to provide immediate visual confirmation that the firearm is positively unloaded and safe. The unique advantage ChamberSnake has over the competition is that it allows weapons to be dry-fired, and unlike other devices will not fall out. Once the ChamberSnake device inserted in your firearm it is there until you pull it out. ChamberSnake is more effective than snap caps or other dummy rounds because they are designed to be ejected as the weapon is cycled. ChamberSnake is designed to stay engaged in the weapon – so it continues to be safe.

We have been using ChamberSnakes since we started Team One Network. These devices are an excellent way to ensure that your firearm cannot chamber a round and also provides an immediate visual check that the firearms is clear. We utilize these ChamberSnakes in classes where trainees may be pointing guns at people.