Concealed Carry Instructor Workshop

This course is designed to merge combative handgun techniques with everyday carry and concealment of the personal handgun. The course combines classroom and range time to give the student a solid understanding of what is needed to deploy the combative handgun from a covering garment.


  • Developing the combative mind
  • Gun and holster selection
  • Locating your own personal carry “sweet spot”
  • Garment removal techniques
  • Draw techniques (with an emphasis on belt carry)
  • Enhancing combative pistol and holster skills
  • Movement while shooting
  • Seated shooting and shooting in/around vehicles
  • Proper ID and engagement

Duration: 2-Days (16-Hours)

Tuition: $550.00

Ammunition: 600 Rounds Pistol

Equipment Required: Pistol, concealed carry duty gear (holster, magazine pouches, etc.), body armor, flashlight and handcuffs with key.  Participants should come prepared to train in all weather conditions and should bring a hydration system or water bottle.  Wraparound eye protection, ear protection, and brimmed hats will be worn during all live fire training.  Participants should wear clothing suitable for training.  Emphasis is placed on off-duty carry.  Participants are encouraged to being a variety of holsters.

Host this course at your location

Team One Network brings the training to you.  If you don’t see a course near you please consider hosting one.  Click here to learn more.