Counter Ambush Instructor

Law enforcement officers have faced their most challenging years in decades in the recent past, because of protests regarding use of force and unlawful deadly retaliation in the form of ambushes. Police officers are being ambushed and murdered almost every week. Team One’s vision is to increase officer awareness and ability to detect, counter and defeat attempted ambushes. Our goal is to control and win these confrontations through a combination of classroom learning and dynamic force-on-force training scenarios.


  • Review and understand the history of ambushes and lessons learned
  • Enhance situational awareness
  • Develop affective tactical options responding to various types of events
  • Review and enhance tactics to counter multiple types of situations
  • Use Tactical Combat Casualty Care techniques and Stop the Bleed
  • Understand and utilize technology that can assist, such as the following:
    • Cameras
    • Lighting
    • Proximity alarms
    • Vehicle and personal armor
    • Weapons

Duration: 3-days (24 hours)

Tuition: $695

Ammunition: Force on Force ammunition provided

Equipment Required: Pistol and Rifle (Converted Marking Cartridge Firearm).  If the participant’s agency is unable to provide this training equipment, the necessary equipment will be provided. Be advised: the student may not be issued a training weapon similar to their duty weapon.  Certified protective gear for force-on-force training.  Duty belt (or tactical vest) with all issued gear: body armor, flashlight, handcuffs with key, wraparound eye protection.  Participants should come prepared to train in all weather conditions and should bring a hydration system or water bottle.  Participants must wear clothing suitable for training, but similar to garments worn while working.  Participants are advised to wear long-sleeve shirts.

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