Defeating the Aggressive Attacker

This course is designed to teach your offices effective, street proven techniques for controlling a combative suspect. Unlike most Defensive Tactics Courses, this class deals with only those suspects that will try to hurt or kill you or your officers.


Topics that will be covered are:

  • Stopping the most common attacks
  • Street proven handcuffing
  • Control the confrontation
  • Weapon retention
  • Taking the fight to the ground
  • Build solid ground skills
  • Rest positions
  • Understand the Use of Force
  • Properly document the use of force
  • Use the Talon-Close Quarters Impact Weapon, the ultimate ground fighting weapon


Duration: 2 Days


Tuition: $450.00


Equipment Required:Full duty uniform or BDU type pants and shirt, gun belt with all attached gear to include mobile radio, handcuffs, baton and ballistic vest.


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