Sponsored by Team One Network, Trijicon, Ruhl Tech, Streamlight

In 16 Intense hours of instruction, participants will explore cutting edge technology while honing fundamental tactical skills.  The underlying outcome to this training is to save lives during dynamic, life-threatening situations.


This course is a fast-paced combination of classroom, isolation drills, and practical exercises.  This two-day workshop will introduce participants to the latest innovations from our partners that can give the advantage needed in rapid responses to critical incidents.


Training Outcomes:

·       Patrol Expedient Breaching Tactics.  Participants will practice retrieving breaching gear from a patrol vehicle and will use Ruhl Tech Breaching Door and Equipment to overcome a variety of barricades.

·       Protect themselves and other.  Participants will learn effective methods of increasing ballistic protection using rapidly deployable body armor and ballistic shields.

·       Dominate the Dark.  Participants will use the latest technology to operate safely and effectively in lowlight.

·       Save Lives.  Participants will practice Tactical Casualty Care using a wide variety of Medical Response Kits that range from self-aid devices to large mass casualty trauma kits.

·       Scenario Based Training.  Our instructors create realistic scenarios for participants to apply a wide array of skills.  Each scenario requires participants to transition from light to low light, breach an obstacle or barricade, upgrade ballistic protection, engage role-players with a variety of tactics, techniques, and technology, and apply rapid life-saving procedures via tactical casualty care.


Duration: 2 Days


Tuition: $100.00** 100% donated to C.O.P.S.


Ammunition: 200 Rounds of 9mm and 50 Rounds .223cal / 5.56mm.  For courses conducted at ranges with specific ammunition requirements Team One Network will provide all ammunition.  This will result in an additional $100.00 to course price.


Equipment Required: Wrap around eye protection, ear protection, and a brimmed hat. Team One Network and sponsors will provide all other equipment.

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