Tactical Entry Operations

The insertion window, a team’s tactical approach and entry into a site, is often the most critical stage of an operation. This team-building course has been designed to encourage the sorts of flexible insertion and entry skills necessary prior to a successful take-down under virtually any condition.


  • Conduct stealth, slow & deliberate, and dynamic insertion techniques
  • Move quietly in urban and rural areas
  • Think outside the box – looking for tactical alternatives
  • Approach and enter under night-vision conditions
  • Use teamwork during the insertion

Duration: 3-Days (24-Hours)

Tuition: $650.00

Ammunition: None

Equipment Required: Pistol and rifle, shotgun, or submachine gun with three magazines each.  Duty belt (or tactical vest) with all issued gear, body armor, flashlight and handcuffs with key.  Participants should come prepared to train in all weather conditions and should bring a hydration system or water bottle.  Wraparound eye protection, ear protection, and brimmed hats will be worn during all live fire training.  Participants should bring a helmet and  wear clothing suitable for training, but similar to garments worn while working.

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