Tactical Team Operations for Chem/Bio/Terrorist Response

With the ever increasing threat of terrorism in the world it is imperative that officers have the proper protective equipment with which to respond to, chemical and biological terrorism agents (WMD agents). Tactical teams will be required to execute specialty missions in hazardous environments, to include clandestine narcotics laboratories, “weaponized” chem/bio agents, response to terrorist attacks and contaminates such as toxic industrial chemicals.  This 40 hour course is designed to provide the officers an overview of the protective features and issues when shooting and maneuvering in protective equipment.  This course is focused on honing tactical team operational skills, working within the team environment and creating situational awareness and survival skills in high-risk situations. Exercises will be conducted without protective gear for a base line, then perform the same drills with Protective masks, SCBA’s and wearing protective suits.. This is an intensive, rigorous and challenging entry-level course.


  • Review tactical planning and concepts for tactical teams
  • Practice techniques for weapons use in hazardous environments (pistol, submachine gun/ rifle and shotgun)
  • Execute site approach and breaching techniques
  • Conduct slow & deliberate, and dynamic room clearing
  • Review potential Terrorism Threats Chemical Warfare Agents
  • Review OSHA Standards – Protective Clothing
  • Review relevant NFPA Standards
  • Review PPE for First Responders
  • Donn, Doff and Decontaminate hazardous materials suits
  • Use Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
  • Participate in practical exercises, (Drug Raids, High Risk Warrants and Officer Down)
  • Practice maneuverability and weapons handling during tactical exercises

Duration: 5-Days (40-Hours)

Tuition: $995.00

Ammunition: 300 Rounds Pistol, 300 Rounds Submachine Gun or Rifle, 50 Rounds 00 Buck, 50 Rounds Skeet, 10 Rounds Slug

Equipment Required: Pistol with three magazines each.  Duty belt (or tactical vest) with all issued gear, body armor, flashlight and handcuffs with key.  Participants should come prepared to train in all weather conditions and should bring a hydration system or water bottle.  Wraparound eye protection, ear protection, and brimmed hats will be worn during all live fire training.  Participants should bring a helmet and  wear clothing suitable for training, but similar to garments worn while working.  Team One will provide all Chem/Bio suits, Protective masks and SCBA’s and Marking cartridges.

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