Manufacturing since 1957 making protective training equipment and having been involved with Law Enforcement training for many years Crown Gym Mats, Inc. invented a product called “NOTTA LINE” — It’s NOTTA Couch/NOTTA Desk, It’s NOTTA Bed, It’s a Training Aid! This product has revolutionized the training of our beloved law enforcement and military giving trainer’s protection and realism when
it comes to close quarter combat and home entry training.

Team One has embraced and incorporated our Notta Line Products into their training scenarios. This has ensured the best safety and realistic environments for numerous training scenarios. Notta Line Products reduce injuries, ricochets, and enhances the training experience. Crown Gym Mats, Inc is proud to be part of Team One,

We use Notta Line products in the Active Countermeasures Tactical Instructor, Active
Shooter Instructor, Counter-Ambush Instructor, Reality Based Scenario Instructor,
RedMan Instructor and the Shoot House Instructor courses.