Edge Tactical Eyewear


In addition to bringing designer protective eyewear to new markets, Edge recognized the need to educate the industry about the safety risks and standards, and to help companies buildeyewear safety programs.  Developing and offering workplace hazard assessment guides, fit testing, UV Protection guides, and other eye safety assessment tools is a part of Edge’s commitment to helping make job-sight safety intuitive, easily accessible and consistent.  Additionally, Edge’s team has dedicated countless hours, traveling nationally and overseas, to educate and provide training to over 800,000 professionals through a uniquely developed safety certification program.  Investing time and resources in the current and upcoming workforce is important, and no one does it better than Edge!

The Edge mission is to protect eyesight across all industries by bridging the gap between safety and fashion, blending technology with design and comfort, and increasing eye safety awareness along the way.

Edge is transforming how the world sees protective eyewear!  The Edge team and its carefully-selected business partners are world class in providing a premium brand experience.

Team One Instructors utilize Edge Tactical Hamel, Blade Runner and Overlord styles while running training programs in firearms, breaching, etc.

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