Excited Delirium and In-Custody Death Prevention Instructor

A suspect in a state of drug-induced excited delirium poses a serious threat to himself/herself, the public, responding law enforcement officers, and their agencies. Trainers must prepare their agencies for these recurring incidents in order to avoid accusations and lawsuits stemming from “deliberate indifference to training (Canton, Oh., v. Harris). This course will prepare trainers to conduct in-service training within their agencies to help officers and reduce the danger of criminal and civil liability.  It will present a multi-disciplinary approach (law enforcement, emergency medical service and hospital) that strives to ensure the safety of the subject, the public, and the officer. Students will be furnished with the entire course presentation in PowerPoint form, model policies, and other materials to bring back to their agencies in order to develop an agency training program, response protocols, and policies.


  • Learn background of excited delirium, to include symptoms, origins, past cases, etc.
  • Review, critique and table-top excited delirium incidents
  • Control individuals who may exhibit drug induced “super-human” strength and familiarize with effective apprehension techniques
  • Discuss the latest information about positional asphyxia and its relation to restraint by law enforcement officers
  • Effectively document use of force incidents
  • Familiarize with issues in-custody death investigations
  • Review information on the use of electronic control devices for excited delirium incidents
  • Discuss model policy development that takes the guesswork out of these types of calls
  • Familiarize with response protocols aimed at protecting the subject, the public and law enforcement


Duration: 2-Days (16-Hours)

Tuition: $495.00

Equipment Required:  Note-taking materials and – if available – policy from the student’s agency regarding excited delirium

Check out this article by Pete Ebel.

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