Gorilla Ammunition

Our Mission:

Our mission is very simple. Every day we come to work and give our best effort to design and manufacture the best ammunition in the world.

Quality Control:

In process quality control checks are performed numerous times per lot. This ensues only premium quality ammunition makes it into your Gorilla Ammunition box.

Ballistics Laboratory:

Gorilla Ammunition is one of a few ammunition manufacturing companies that has its own in house ballistics laboratory. Equipped with pressure sensors and Oheler 85 Acoustical velocity & targeting system.

We Care:

Quality Assurance is ensured at every step with state-of the-art equipment and the human eye. The result is ammunition inspected with insane technology and packed with care by employees that care about your satisfaction.

The Result:

The result of these efforts in load development, testing and quality manufacturing is the lowest Standard Deviation in muzzle velocity in the industry. That results in your experience with our product being consistent round to round, lot to lot.


Website: www.gorillaammo.com